If you are a house-owner, the chances are your property came with a driveway. Over time this may become too small for you and your family to use, tired-looking, or worst-case, a health hazard. 

A driveway that has perished needs attention. Kestrel Builders are experienced in repairing and replacing existing driveways. We can offer you a complete overhaul of your original driveway – a rip-up and replacement – or an extension to your existing driveway to create more space. Whatever your requirements, we can work with your preferred material to create a brand new driveway or to turn your existing driveway into something much more desirable and fit for purpose. 

Once renovated, your new driveway will give you a more durable surface for your vehicles and a safer walkway for entering and leaving your property. And all the while, you are adding value to your home, creating aesthetic satisfaction and much sought after kerb appeal.

To discuss your new driveway project, contact us here.