Hi. Welcome to Kestrel

Thanks for taking a look around my website and my company.

I started Kestrel Property Services almost twenty years ago now, although I’ve been in the trade far longer – all I ever wanted to do was build! I studied the engineering side of building first of all, which really helped me to understand the maths and science involved, and taught me this isn’t just about placing brick on top of brick. It’s about attention to detail, about getting the measurements so precise, down to each millimetre. When you build with this kind of precision in mind, you can achieve outstanding, high-quality results.

Customer satisfaction is very important to me. I want each and every one of our customers to feel Kestrel has provided them with the best service possible, from the moment we first go onsite to when we complete a project. Before any work begins, I take the time to consult with my customers so that they fully understand all options available to them. Sometimes, the most suitable way to complete a job won’t be the lowest cost option, but that is up to my customer to decide; I always make sure that all methods available have been presented, so the customers feel equipped to make that choice for themselves. 

Quality, professionalism and outstanding customer service underline my company’s culture. I employ a team of honest, conscientious and experienced tradesmen, including ground workers, builders, joiners and roofers. Together, we work toward completing high-end building and renovation projects on time and on budget. We leave our customers entirely satisfied with the work done. And we make sure the place is cleaner than it was when we first arrived onsite!

If you’ve a building project coming up and you need advice or help, then give me a call and I’d be happy to discuss it with you over a brew. And yes, that’s a builder’s brew for me!

Marc Gable – Director, Kestrel Property Services